Jose Meza

Jose_THEnNOW-webMeet Jose Meza in 1996 and Today!

Jose started working for Haven Pools when he was just 18 years old! A former employee, Ramon, told Jose about a job opportunity cleaning Haven’s office. Jose began cleaning the office, until Craig quickly saw his ability and pushed him out into the field. He began in construction, starting as a helper, with excavation (by hand) and the plumbing phase. Quickly Jose moved up the ladder in the construction field. Today you will find Jose running all the excavation crews. You can thank him for that hole in your yard! Even though Jose works for Haven year round, in the winter he has a snow plow business. Some days Jose will work plowing all night and show up at Haven in the morning to continue on working. Jose has been married to Amelia for 20 years and they have 3 beautiful boys: Juan – 19, Carlos – 16, and Luis – 11. Juan even works for Haven Pools over the summer on break from college (he is going into his 3rd season with us). You will see Juan in the maintenance field vacuuming your pools! Jose looks forward to his next 19 years with Haven Pools.

“Jose’s favorite part of the job is lunch, if I’m stopping by his jobs, I know I better have food for Jose or I’m in trouble.” – Patrick