Hal Hochheiser

Hal_Split-webMeet Hal Hochheiser in 2003 and Today!

Hal heard about Haven Pools back in 2003 from his future mother in law Lynn. Hal began his career at Haven as a maintenance technician vacuuming pools. After some time with the company he decided to try out the construction field. Today you will find Hal out in the field as a top service technician. Hal loves to receive a work order that tells him to re-plumb equipment, he enjoys making the systems run more efficiently. He especially enjoys re-plumbing other company’s equipment systems. Hal and his beautiful wife Erica have known each other since high school. They have two beautiful children Grace – 7 and Jack – 5. In the winter you will find Hal still around your pool performing winter maintenance, making sure your pool opens up as best as possible come spring. He also snow plows in the winter and loves to hear a big snow storm is coming.

“Hal’s work orders are the best, they look like they were written by a thorough calligrapher. Sometimes I think I should put them on the fridge instead of file them away. I would always save them for last when I did the billing.” – Patrick